Chronic Illness Awareness Bracelets and Ribbons!

16 Jun 2013

Chronic Illness Awareness Bracelet Giveaway!!

I’m home for the summer and not doing much, with plenty of time to make bracelets, so as a promotion I’m doing a giveaway! 
One winner will receive three free bracelets w/ HOPE charm in the color or colors of their choice! (free shipping worldwide!)

1 reblog = 1 entry
1 like = 1 entry
1 follow = 1 entry

Winner will be chosen randomly, giveaway will end Sunday June 23rd at 10:00PM EST.
Please only reblog once, so it is possible to have a maximum of 3 entries per person. Good luck!! :)

And while you’re waiting, feel free to go order more bracelets! $2.50 for a bracelet with charm, and other options available. 
All money goes to support research for a chronic illness, every $100 I made goes to support a different illness!

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    Both are good, but… I like that the money goes to research, and not just awareness….